From the Senior Italia Federation to the Senior International Health Association

Senior Italia FederAnziani (SIF) is the federation of associations of senior citizens, founded in 2006, with the aim to protect the rights and improve the quality of life of senior citizens.

Each year the Federation with numerous associations, including a total of 3.700 Older People’s Associations (OPAs) with around 4 million members, promotes several initiatives to meet the needs of the elderly.

In particular:

SIF organises national and international conferences involving thousands of participants among Senior Italia FederAnziani delegates, doctors of the main medical-scientific societies and federation partner organisations.

SIF collaborates with institutions and the scientific community for the protection of health and the promotion of active ageing especially through the Court of Popular Justice for the Right to Health.

SIF carries out research on health and health economics issues through its Study Centre.

SIF organises activities aimed at socialisation and wellbeing such as health information, social tourism, prevention, and training in technology.

SIHA Senior International Health Association strengthens and expands Senior Italia’s network by organizing events and initiatives at the European level with numerous partners.

People Centred

SIHA places the person in all its complexity at the centre of the care journey.

The main objective of our commitment is to support all necessary changes to put not only the patient but also the person at the centre of the care journey through guidance, information, and active involvement.

The principle of the centrality of the person is crucial. From being a passive actor, the patient becomes an active player in his or her own therapeutic journey, through a new socio-cultural approach that sees the patient at the centre of the healthcare system.

We passionately believe in the valorisation of the role of seniors as an irreplaceable resource for the family and the society; in the orientation of health and social policies towards the development of programmes that foster healthy longevity and promote wellbeing throughout life; in the affirmation of the right to health as a fundamental right of the individual and in the awareness of the European Institutions to guarantee fair access to healthcare.
Active ageing means helping people stay in charge of their own lives for as long as possible as they age and, where possible, to contribute to the economy and society. (European Commission).
With a history of almost 20 years, we support an ageing process in which people are active and protagonists. Active ageing is the key to the social inclusion of older people, who are a resource for our society to be valued.